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Written by 4 acoustic neuroma patients : Kate, Kimberly, Chris, and Philip.
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Acoustic neuromas are benign (non cancerous) tumors, but they require constant monitoring. Here is what you absolutely need to know about acoustic neuromas.

Recently diagnosed? You need a second MRI test about 6 months later. In the meantime study your options and determine your priorities. If the tumor is growing:

Decide what treatment you want. There are two options. The choice depends on the size and position of the tumor, but may also depend on personal data; medical, social, or financial.

Radiation treatment (GK or FSR)   or   Surgery (TL, RS, or MF)

If your tumor is growing very slowly or not at all, you might decide to choose conservative management (wait & watch).

For support and information, join the free acoustic neuroma support mailing list. We also conduct surveys of interest to AN patients. The first concerns tinnitus, the second headaches, the third radiation failures.

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